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 Engaging the future

The David Eccles School of Business teaches, coaches and works alongside current and future business leaders. The school espouses five values that form the foundation of educational and professional success in the lives of students, alumni and the Eccles School team.


Students who engage in the Eccles Experience undergo a transformation of self. A freshman who enters here leaves as a different, more well-rounded, skilled and thoughtful individual. Students engage with new ideas and embrace new mindsets as they become...

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 Embracing the past

The David Eccles School of Business embodies the legacy of Utah’s first entrepreneur and the school’s namesake, David Eccles. Through four core values, David Eccles forged a path and paved the way for the state’s enterprising business success and the school’s culture.


David Eccles was a skilled leader who founded more than 50 successful businesses in Utah and across the Intermountain West. He was also an elected, civil servant. Leadership is a principle instilled and quality exemplified throughout the Eccles...

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Brian Cadman

Dr. Brian Cadman is an Associate Professor of Accounting and David Eccles Emerging Scholar. He teaches masters level accounting courses and engages in cutting edge compensation research.